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Thursday, January 27, 2011


With my new part-time job, I'm finding less and less time to take pictures, edit pictures, or post pictures. Ever feel like all your responsibilities are weighing you down so much that you are having a harder and harder time making time for the things that bring you joy? Things like spending an hour, in the evening, with your husband. Or playing in the snow with your kids. Or knitting/crocheting. Or doing photography. Sounds like I have a lot of things that bring me joy. Sometimes I could combine them, so they each didn't take up so much time. Now, I feel like I have to cram every minute I have doing something productive (work) and it makes me cranky, stressed, and not enjoying the times I could be. Serious attitude adjustment needs to happen here.

The snow was beautiful, and I didn't mind (too much) having to shovel so much of it. My husband estimates we got somewhere between 6-8 inches (and he was at work and didn't shovel much at all). Good exercise, right? And the girls enjoyed playing outside/eating the snow while I shoveled. Today, since I couldn't go to work, we worked on a snow fort and went sledding. It was GREAT! Yesterday I let the girls bring some bowls outside, we caught some snow (or scooped it in), brought it inside, and poured maple syrup on it. Poor Peanut was shivering after she ate hers, and she insisted she wanted more. Instead I gave her some tea, popped some popcorn, and the girls watch a movie while I made a chicken pot pie. All was right after my husband arrived home from work - his normally 15 minute drive lasted 2.75 hours. A co-worker had to drive him home since the little Honda Civic made it only 100 feet before my husband gave up. The snow was just too deep.




Scarcely Human said...

The snow making that antenna look wobbly is just friggin' COOL!

AJay said...

That was one of the things I thought was most awesome too!!! Glad you noticed!