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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday I had two hour long drives. One to a point out West, and one back home from said location. I was in the car all by myself. Alone. Just my thoughts and me. Yes, I was actually able to have complete thoughts. And I discovered something. I have really depressing thoughts. It was one of those days where I just could not get depressing thoughts out of my head. I tried desperately to find a song on the radio that I could sing along to, just to drown out all the bleaks reflections that kept creeping in. Nope, there were no songs with which I could actually sing along, and just to boot, I got to hear a few songs that reminded me of my dead high school boyfriend. Awesome.

I gave up, sort of. I figured, perhaps I kept having reminders of my departed high school comrade because he needed prayers. I spent the rest of the time in the car saying my rosary, which seemed to help.

Next time I'm in the car, alone, I'll make sure my CDs are within reach. And I'm going to try to kick the funk I seem to be in.



Adrienne said...

I sure wish we lived closer. Funk Town is no fun. :P I bet, if we were in the same room, our funks would be history in no time flat. ;) I'm praying for you!

Elizabeth said...

thinking of you Sweetie ! Sending you a BIG Hug xoxo

Scarcely Human said...

Hey - WE need the funk! Give up the funk!