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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Merry Christmas!

I never got around to sending Christmas cards this year, and I think it was because I was having trouble deciding what type of Christmas picture to take. I did get one of all of my children, but I liked these from when I was playing around with Christmas lights. Thankfully, my husband is a good sport and doesn't mind being my test model. I'm really thankful I got these pictures.

 photo Christmas time 09 small wm_zpsgkesi5gi.jpg

 photo Christmas time 10 small wm_zpsslvcffnr.jpg

 photo Christmas time 11 small wm_zps8vzci2ps.jpg

Friday, December 2, 2016

Much Needed Time Outside

It has been a hard week. Everyone has been sick, and my youngest had a bad case of croup. In desperate need of time out of the house and peace, we went for a much needed late afternoon walk and enjoyed the last few rays of sunshine for the day. With so much to look forward to this month, I hope we will all be healthy for a while after we get over this cold.

 photo My girls 01 small wm_zpsjrqzn0ma.jpg

Friday, November 18, 2016


Just a quick post to show a couple images I captured of the most recent (and biggest) supermoon. My mother knew I needed to get my photography juices flowing, so she offered to come up and watch the munchkins while the husband and I went out to howl at the moon...I mean take pictures. Yes, I suffered a little lens envy when I saw the gear another photographer at the same location was using, but I am pleased with the pictures I got with my little kit lens. It sure was fun to be out with my main squeeze! I had someone fun to enjoy the moon rise with, and it seems we rarely get opportunities to enjoy a moment between just the two of us.
   photo Moon 03 crop small wm_zpsg0lt9rkc.jpg

 photo Moon 07 small wm_zpsc0hqpfqg.jpg

Saturday, November 12, 2016

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Not much going on, but we did get to see a bear while hiking in the mountains!  It was just a young black bear, but we were so so excited!  We watched it climb up a skinny tree (and boy, they can climb extremely fast!), eat for a bit, and climb back down, then he lumbered away.  We were on guard in case Mother was nearby (a fellow hiker had said he had seen a cub and a mother), but she didn't make an appearance.  I'm so glad that not only did I get to see the bear, but all of my munchkins did too!

 photo Anniversary escape 03 small wm_zpsqbduzb15.jpg

 photo Labor Day weekend 07 small wm_zpss9poz48v.jpg

 photo Labor Day weekend 01 small wm_zpstv3l7qkt.jpg

 photo Labor Day weekend 04 small wm_zpsbio9vykh.jpg

 photo Labor Day weekend 02 small wm_zpssav5sgcu.jpg

Monday, March 21, 2016

This Should Catch Me Up

Just a few more pictures from the winter.  My mother was kind enough to take me on a photo outing (she even acted as my assistant and carried my camera bag and umbrella while I carried the camera and tripod) to a botanical garden WITHOUT my children! She even treated me to dinner.  I felt so spoiled.

I was excited to take the Valentine's Day picture with my 7 year old as the model. I saw a similar picture online years ago, and I've been anxious to try the technique.

The sledding picture was actually taken with my phone.  Sometimes the big camera is a little cumbersome when running after the three year old and one year old.

 photo Ginter 01 wm_zps5gs0p7tn.jpg

 photo Snowpocolipse 08 wm_zpszlixr9rs.jpg

 photo Snowpocolipse 15 wm_zpsbwlsbuzj.jpg

 photo Schmoo 01 wm_zpstj4prszn.jpg

Friday, March 18, 2016

It's been too long

Where have I been?  Inside my head, way too much. I think I've been suffering from "overthinking," too much stress, not enough me time, and lack of sleep (in an attempt to get some me time).  Ah well, what mother doesn't suffer from all of this, right?  Here are a few pictures to catch myself up.

 photo Sleeping T 05 bw small wm_zpscxonqvdk.jpg

 photo Wagon 08 demure small wm_zpsnwkxtwzk.jpg

 photo My girls 02 wm_zps9aljoemb.jpg

 photo After kids have gone to bed 03 wm_zpsvuxtstxq.jpg