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Thursday, July 30, 2015

I miss doing landscape photography.  When I first started taking photography classes, back when everyone was still shooting film (which still feels like only a few years ago to me), I never wanted to photograph people.  My peace was found in capture the beauty that God had created all around me.  Photographing people was stressful, because people move, and the younger the people, the more they moved.  Now that I am a mother, most of my pictures are of my children.  They do move, all the time, and it can be stressful because I have perfectionist tendencies and ideas of the "perfect picture" that I want to capture.  It is best when I just let them play and capture them while they are doing their own thing, when I choose not to worry about the best portrait.  Those pictures often end up being better than the portraits I attempt to take, but I still try to capture "nice shots of everyone smiling and looking at the camera."  I must enjoy suffering.  Still, I think landscapes will always be my peace.

 photo Battlefield 01 sky small wm_zpsvzajmtcs.jpg

 photo Battlefield 02 small wm_zpsljtqz74p.jpg

Saturday, July 25, 2015

My neighbor coordinated a really wonderful block party, which included a firework display.  I didn't get a chance to take pictures of the Fourth of July, so I went ahead and tried my hand during the neighborhood display.

 photo fourth of july01 small wm_zpsjiagp1kr.jpg

 photo fourth of july10 small wm_zpsrtnlpcqu.jpg

 photo fourth of july11 small wm_zps8bmpfdvn.jpg

 photo fourth of july16 small wm_zps435ohwrt.jpg