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Monday, March 21, 2016

This Should Catch Me Up

Just a few more pictures from the winter.  My mother was kind enough to take me on a photo outing (she even acted as my assistant and carried my camera bag and umbrella while I carried the camera and tripod) to a botanical garden WITHOUT my children! She even treated me to dinner.  I felt so spoiled.

I was excited to take the Valentine's Day picture with my 7 year old as the model. I saw a similar picture online years ago, and I've been anxious to try the technique.

The sledding picture was actually taken with my phone.  Sometimes the big camera is a little cumbersome when running after the three year old and one year old.

 photo Ginter 01 wm_zps5gs0p7tn.jpg

 photo Snowpocolipse 08 wm_zpszlixr9rs.jpg

 photo Snowpocolipse 15 wm_zpsbwlsbuzj.jpg

 photo Schmoo 01 wm_zpstj4prszn.jpg

Friday, March 18, 2016

It's been too long

Where have I been?  Inside my head, way too much. I think I've been suffering from "overthinking," too much stress, not enough me time, and lack of sleep (in an attempt to get some me time).  Ah well, what mother doesn't suffer from all of this, right?  Here are a few pictures to catch myself up.

 photo Sleeping T 05 bw small wm_zpscxonqvdk.jpg

 photo Wagon 08 demure small wm_zpsnwkxtwzk.jpg

 photo My girls 02 wm_zps9aljoemb.jpg

 photo After kids have gone to bed 03 wm_zpsvuxtstxq.jpg