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Sunday, June 24, 2012


It looks like Peanut has picked up a nasty virus somewhere.  My poor dear has had a fever for the past two days.  It's sad to see my sprite so limp.  Hopefully the baby will not catch this, and it would be pretty swell if I'm able to avoid it as well. 

I managed to snap a quick picture of Popper looking out the window. 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Need to take a breath

I wouldn't mind if life wanted to slow down a little and give me a chance to breathe.  Besides the fact that my precious, little bundle of joy is just as needy as her oldest sister (translation:  I can't put her down unless I want to listen to her scream like a banshee), I had attended two major family functions.  One was a funeral and one was my baby's baptism.  The funeral was for one of my husband's brothers, who died quiet suddenly from a heart attack.  This was 3 weeks after Little One was born. 

Little One's baptism took place last weekend, and all my siblings, their spouses, their children, my parents, a set of in-laws, and my grandfather all came out.  My youngest brother and his wife (you can see their pregnancy in a previous post) are the Godparents of Little One, and they had their baby baptized the same day, and I was the Godmother for their little girl.  It was pretty awesome.  My family rocks!

We had an amazing cake made by the valedictorian of my class from college. is her website.  Not only was the cake delicious, but it was BEAUTIFUL!

Thankfully, this past Saturday gave us an opportunity to enjoy nature and have fun as a family.  On June 9th, all National Parks waived their entrance fees, so we made use of this and had a family picnic.  Little One didn't cry too much, and the older two had a great time running around.  It was very rejuvenating.

I think it looks like the cousins are doing some fancy, synchronized footwork here.

Our picnic