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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One for today

I have one picture that I took today, and one from the day that Popper was just doing so many fun poses at lunch while the light was just right.

I love this picture of Peanut. This is such a Peanut look.


Popper was having fun pretending that her glass of water was a camera. So she'd look through it and say "click" and act like she was pushing a button.



Adrienne said...

Your girls get more and more gorgeous everyday!

And *Sob* Kaylee looks so...old. Like a little girl now.

AJay said...

She does. Part of me wants her to stay small, but I've been enjoying all the things she can do now. And the funny conversations we have (she is quite into "explaining" what little girls can and can't do) are so much fun.