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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Special Guest Picture

I had to post this because I love it so much. No, it's not a photograph, and no, it's not even my own art.  My six year old daughter drew this picture, and every time I look at it, it warms my heart.  I love the baby in the arms of one of the ladies, and  the looks of the people who are singing at church, and the rosy cheeks on two people, and the one person who isn't quite asleep in bed.  I love that she drew hymnals.  Yes, go ahead and call this the "Mommy goggles" or  "Proud Mommy" post. 

 photo Popperpiclatesummer2013wm_zps323ff71f.jpg


libbywilko said...

So sweet ! Looks like you have an artist on your hands!

Mom said...

I have never seen a picture she's drawn that isn't happy. A great testament to your family life!