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Saturday, October 12, 2013

It wants to Eat Us!

Okay, not really.  After lifting Peanut's bike to put it away, I found a praying mantis underneath.  It completely freaked me out at first, and I had oogie feelings every time I looked at it (darn those bugs, they look too intelligent.  I swear they are plotting something evil when I see them), but I had to grab my camera and snap a picture.  My husband quickly called the girls back outside so they could see it, and we couldn't help but crack up at the poor bug.  Anytime one of us moved, it turned toward the mover and spread its "praying hands" to try to intimidate it.  I think it was contemplating using the finishing move from the original Karate Kid on us. 

 photo Mantis01wm_zps2f452996.jpg


T said...

Okay, so confession time here. I am afraid of them. In fact, all bugs rather creep me out.

And I grew up "in the hills" of WV? Yeah. I know.

But I admit -- what a very cool shot! Wow!

Anonymous said...

GREAT SHOT! We need some of those praying mantis's on the farm. They eat stinkbugs and quite a lot of them! We have managed to get the "little stinkers" under control, but we are going to get some in the spring to cut down on our stinkbug population! Thanks for posting!
ME(: (yvonne)