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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going to try something new

Well. I'm really, really bad about blogging, aren't I? Since my life is so boring...or something...I'm going to try something different with my blog. I would like to start a photography business (doing children/family portraits). I'm not ready to start this now (need a new computer, perhaps an external hard drive, need to learn how to use either photoshop or lightroom, and would like one more camera lens and perhaps some filters). Anyway, what I'm going to try to do is post at least one pictures a day (either an old one that I've edited with photoshop or a new picture) just to keep my creative juices flowing and to learn more about my camera and it's settings.

So, this is going to become my photography blog, which I think is pretty exciting. :) If I don't start it this week, you'll see the changes next week.

Wish me luck.


Ashley Severance said...

Hey Andrea! I'm excited about your photography endeavors. Sounds like an awesome project.

Lefty said...

Aww, thanks Ashley! Wow, I didn't know you had a blog. It looks AWESOME! So, that's another thing I have to learn how to do...tweak my blog (or perhaps I'll make that my husband's job, since he is starting a website making/editing business on the side).

Adrienne said...

Neat idea, Andrea! I can't wait to see some photos up here. :)

Ashley Severance said...

Thanks! I only started mine a couple of months ago. It's a little hard (for me) to figure out how to tweak the blog but it kind of just takes fooling around with the settings for a while. I'm with Adrienne, can't wait to see some photos on here!

Lefty said...

Thank you, Addie!! Glad to have the support of good friends!