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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Apple Picking

In September we went, with a few of our neighbors, apple picking. It was my first time ever doing that, and it was wonderful. We traveled to an orchard that was 10 minutes from where Bear and I rented our first home as man and wife. Being out in the country brought back the yearning for moving out there again. How did we ever leave?? The weather was perfect, the mountains were beautiful, and the apples were plentiful. Popper (my oldest daughter) had so much fun picking apples that we wound up with two pecks!! I made three batches of applesauce (so good), carmel apples, apple coffee cake, apple/bacon/cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches, and apple pie. We still had plenty of apples left over on which the girls happily snacked.

Here I practiced using photoshop. I didn't really do much: popped the eye color, boosted the apple color, and softened some of my little girl's face (typically I don't need to soften her face at all, what AMAZING, creamy, perfect skin).

Apple picking


Ashley Severance said...

Absolutely LOVE this picture. Gorgeous. First thing I noticed were her beautiful blue eyes!

Lefty said...

Thank you, Ashley! So, her eyes look good or overdone?

Ashley Severance said...

Oh no! They are perfect. It's very artistic too! I would keep it but if you do tone it down don't do it too much. This seems like the kind of picture where her eyes should be the focal point. :)