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Monday, March 21, 2016

This Should Catch Me Up

Just a few more pictures from the winter.  My mother was kind enough to take me on a photo outing (she even acted as my assistant and carried my camera bag and umbrella while I carried the camera and tripod) to a botanical garden WITHOUT my children! She even treated me to dinner.  I felt so spoiled.

I was excited to take the Valentine's Day picture with my 7 year old as the model. I saw a similar picture online years ago, and I've been anxious to try the technique.

The sledding picture was actually taken with my phone.  Sometimes the big camera is a little cumbersome when running after the three year old and one year old.

 photo Ginter 01 wm_zps5gs0p7tn.jpg

 photo Snowpocolipse 08 wm_zpszlixr9rs.jpg

 photo Snowpocolipse 15 wm_zpsbwlsbuzj.jpg

 photo Schmoo 01 wm_zpstj4prszn.jpg

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