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Saturday, November 12, 2016

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Not much going on, but we did get to see a bear while hiking in the mountains!  It was just a young black bear, but we were so so excited!  We watched it climb up a skinny tree (and boy, they can climb extremely fast!), eat for a bit, and climb back down, then he lumbered away.  We were on guard in case Mother was nearby (a fellow hiker had said he had seen a cub and a mother), but she didn't make an appearance.  I'm so glad that not only did I get to see the bear, but all of my munchkins did too!

 photo Anniversary escape 03 small wm_zpsqbduzb15.jpg

 photo Labor Day weekend 07 small wm_zpss9poz48v.jpg

 photo Labor Day weekend 01 small wm_zpstv3l7qkt.jpg

 photo Labor Day weekend 04 small wm_zpsbio9vykh.jpg

 photo Labor Day weekend 02 small wm_zpssav5sgcu.jpg

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