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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The weather has been amazingly mild this month, so my family and I have been taking advantage of it as much as we can.  Recently we went to the wild animal park, and we had more fun than we imagined we would.  We pet so many fun animals, fed animals, one of my daughters got to pet a fish that was living in the pond, we played on a pirate ship, jumped in a cow shaped moon bounce, and had a picnic.  It was probably our best day this summer.  My oldest girl looked so natural walking amongst the wild animals and feeding them.  All of my girls seem to have my love of animals, but my oldest one seems the most natural around them.  I wish we lived on a farm, and one of the reasons is because Popper just looks like she would take on the role of a farm girl so easily.  My youngest, who is the only one so far who has ever been afraid of animals, finally warmed up to them while at the animal park.  It warmed my heart to see her petting animals. 

Today we went to a friend's house and went on an almost 3 mile hike through the woods.  It was glorious!  We forged our own path!  My girls were excited to find all sorts of animal footprints, and picnicking in the deep woods was dreamy.  We need to go camping soon; we just worry that Thumper isn't quite ready for that yet. 

One butterfly picture was taken at the wild animal park, and the other was taken when we reached a meadow while hiking today.  I hope everyone else is having a dreamy end of summer.

 photo Butterfly01smallwm_zps5ba27a93.jpg

 photo Butterfly03wm_zps11a92107.jpg

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I just decided to look at your site tonight. I enjoyed seeing you today. I really miss you! I want so badly for you to move to the country. I am going to have to get busy really praying for you all to move to the country! I know it would really bless you!
Since we have moved to the country, we have had so many butterflies land on us and "hitchhike" on our shoulders, hats, clothes. It has been wonderful! I will see if we can post some pictures of Pilgrim. We have not done much on our site lately! Have a blessed evening! Hope to see you again soon. Would you like to come out soon?