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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Posts in One Day?!

I was looking through some pictures I took this fall, trying to decide if I liked them or not. In particular, I was looking at the ones I took with my manual focus 50mm lens. It's tricky to shoot with this lens (although it wasn't back when I was using my film SLR) because my DSLR has no way for me to make sure my image is in focus (except for my eyes). Also, the metering won't work with this lens, so I have to guess with that as well. I would LOVE to own an AF 50mm, but I don't have a spare $120 to get one right now, so I'll just make due.

I took this one with my old lens, and while it wasn't the most interesting shot, I was impressed that my daughter's face is in focus (she hardly ever stands still, making manually focusing even more tricky). After playing with this using photoshop for a bit, I came up with this:


I rather like it.


Scarcely Human said...

Ok, I REALLY like this picture.

As my wife put it, it's very "fantasy-esque". Were it a book cover, the book would definitely have something to do with the imagination, or the way a child perceives the world. It's a very personal picture, too - her focus on the camera, the camera's focus on her face, and the offered bucket that almost comes right out of the picture - it all sucks you into her world.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the photos. Definitely don't know much about photo shots, but love the colors and the "feel" of the pinks and blue eyes of Kalee. Keep up the great work, Andrea!!