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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Must post!

Did I let November blow by without a single post? I've been exhausted, working, and trying to keep up with homeschooling and Christmas prep.  I neglected to get Christmas cards out this year.  This is the first time since I was married that I didn't send out cards.  It makes me sad, and part of me wants to still send out cards, but I just don't see it happening. 

I'm trying to think if anything exciting happened in November. My family had Thanksgiving dinner with a good friend, my parents, and grandfather, and that was very nice.  My mother smoked the turkey, and it was delicious!  Oh and on Black Friday, my husband and I got to see the BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA!!!!  Yes!!  It was AMAZING! The BEST concert ever!!  I have been a fan of Brian Setzer since his Stray Cat days, so getting to see him in concert was such a thrill.  He did a bunch of his Christmas music, and did a set where he had most of the orchestra take a break, so all that was left was Brian, the drummer, and a bass, just like back in the Stray Cat days, and he did a bunch of Stray Cat hits.  Oh!!!  I was over the moon happy, and my husband had a great time too.  Plus, it was a night out without the kids, which doesn't happen very often. 

December brought the thrill of Advent and Christmas.  We took the girls to visit Santa.  Our youngest, being only 19 months, didn't want to be near Santa, but the older two were happy to see Santa again. We've been going to the same Santa for the past 2 years, and he's so wonderful. He makes sure the girls know the real reason to be excited about Christmas is because of Christ's birth, and he asks the girls for prayers.  Popper asked Santa for new pajamas.  As she said, "I like toys too, but I really would like some new pajamas."  When I asked her if there was a particular type she wanted she said, "No, whatever Santa brings me, I'll like."  She is honestly the sweetest little girl!  Peanut, now 5, asked for a bike for her doll.  Good thing Santa reminded the girls that he doesn't always bring what they ask for.  Sometimes he brings something else he knows they would really enjoy.  My parents actually bought Peanut a bike for her doll, but Santa brought her a magnadoodle, which she was quite happy with.  Santa also brought them both pajamas and sketch books, and the pajamas had matching jammies for their dolls.  Our little one got a brand new baby doll from Santa, and she loves it.  She loves all babies.

We got to go see Christmas lights at the nearby botanical gardens this year. I wanted to go last year, but little one was so young and it was so cold out that we decided against it.  All my girls loves the lights, and seeing these lights made little one super excited whenever she saw other Christmas lights. The lights at the garden were particularly nice because we got to walk through the light display rather than drive through it, which is what a close light display has you do. 

I hope all of you had a very merry Christmas and receiving the blessings of the Christ child into your hearts. 

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