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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Magical Christmas lights

My sister took Popper and one of her cousins for an all girl sleepover. Peanut was invited, but as she hates sleeping anywhere other than her own bed, I thought it best if she stayed home for now. Since the husband and I had only one child to contend with, we took advantage of that and went out to dinner. If you haven't been to the Electric Palm in Woodbridge, I highly recommend it. After all, my brother is the most excellent sous chef there. :D

When we got home, I decided to let Peanut run around our little section of the neighborhood and look at the Christmas lights. Her favorite was this little deer that moved. She even gave it a hug.


I hope everyone had a very joyous Christmas, and that the peace and blessings of the Christ child warm your hearts.


libbywilko said...

This is Beautiful ! I love the feel of this one so innocent and sweet. Hope you also had a very special Christmas with your family too.

Mom said...