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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Flower Picking

My family went flower picking for our first time. Not only did we come home with some beautiful tulips, but we had the opportunity to take some pictures.

 photo Flower Picking 01 wm_zpsbptv3hol.jpg

 photo Flower Picking 06 crop small wm_zpsdgrunsbc.jpg

 photo Flower Picking 09 crop small wm_zpsn24hirs2.jpg

 photo Flower Picking 11 small wm_zpsahsi3xuo.jpg

 photo Flower Picking 17 small wm_zpsx7cv5h92.jpg


The Lily Queen said...

Hi Andrea, gorgeous photos! I was wondering how and where you got your beautiful watermark? Thank you!

AJay said...

Hi Lily Queen, thank you for the sweet compliment! My husband made my watermark. When he has a moment free, I'll ask him if he remembers where he found the image and downloaded the font.

The Lily Queen said...

Thank you! :)

AJay said...
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AJay said...

Well, I wanted to just edit my comment, but I couldn't figure out how to do that and ended up erasing my comment. Here we go again.

Hi Lily Queen, my husband said he found an image he liked and then created one based on it himself, but he can't remember where he looked. I think I just told him I like fairies, so he looked at fairy images and made one based on what he saw. For the font, he downloaded it from The one he used is called Scriptina. I hope that helps and you are able to find what you are looking for. My husband is proficient at AutoCad and Photoshop, and I'm guessing he used both to make my watermark.