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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hurray! Snow!

We finally got a really good snow.  Well, we had a decent one before, but last weekend we got about 10 inches!!  It was all powdery, so not good for fort or snowman building, but great for sledding.  Since it happened on the weekend, my husband was home.  I was able to escape the house and go for a snowy walk all by myself, which of course meant I brought along my camera, and this is what I got.  I wish it had been a wetter snow, as they tend to be a bit more picturesque, but you can see how hard it was snowing from these.

 photo Snow 01 small wm_zpsyahtig3z.jpg

 photo Snow 02 small wm_zpszg5ycozi.jpg

 photo Snow 03 small wm_zpsakpcqnvt.jpg


T said...

I'm in awe of your talent, your eye.

These are absolutely gorgeous photos. What a privilege to get to peek at such lovely work.

AJay said...

Oh, thank you for such a wonderful compliment!

Hee hee, my husband commented that the second picture looked like a zombie photo and the third picture looked like something from Star Wars. ;)