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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Computer Woes

Just to quick note to explain why I have not been posting. My hard drive decided it was time to crash even though it was less than 2 years old. I had backed up a lot of my work, but it is still take time transferring programs and other items onto my new hard drive. I also have to find all the correct drivers to ensure my computer works, and this is not the easiest task. Did I mention I have to do all of this between taking care of my 3 daughters, doing housework, homeschooling, taking pictures (yes, two of my neighbors asked me to do family portraits), spending time with my husband, getting ready for Christmas, and doing my part-time job that actually makes me a little money. Man, life is tough. I miss posting pictures, and I hope to have Photoshop up and running again soon.


Alison Henderson said...

Juggling your computer problem with all your other tasks and in the midst of the holiday season must've been quite difficult. It definitely crashed at the wrong time. I’m amazed that you handled all that by yourself. If this happened to someone else, they would probably call for help, or let it be until they take care of the other issues. But I guess a supermom like you can manage quite easily.

Alison Henderson @ Scorpion Computers

AJay said...

Ha! Supermom I'm not. I know plenty of mothers with more children than I have who parent with much more grace and patience than I can. My sanity has taken several hits, but by the grace of God, I make it through.

I did give a cry for help to my amazing husband. He quickly searched online for a replacement hard drive, and being the computer man that he is, he was able to do most of the computer stuff fix-it stuff for me. I think he just left me the task of finding all the needed drivers. I had to have a computer so I could do my part-time job otherwise no money. Thankfully replacing a hard drive isn't too difficult a task. If I hadn't backed up my files and pictures, then I would have been running to a computer professional to retrieve them!