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Monday, April 2, 2012

Bluebell Hunting

The girls and I went bluebell hunting with a neighbor last week. The girls had a great time picking bluebells. Too bad the flowers got crushed in the wagon on the way home. We'll have to take a container with water next time, that way the flowers might actually last at least until we get home.

I really like Peanut's pose in this picture, but the lighting was a bit harsh. I had to really play with this image and give it a vintage feel in order to make her stand out from the background.



ChristinaI said...

Soooo cute!,Mrs. Read!I love the look and the way you can see the wagon in the background. ;) Way better then my pictures! :)

AJay said...

Christina, I like the wagon in the background too. Glad to see someone else appreciates the little things in the background. :)

You take lovely pictures! I've just been doing it a bit longer, and with practice comes improvement (don't compare your photos to those of someone who has been doing it for longer than you've been alive. Hahaha. I've made that mistake myself). You'll get there; besides, I'm my own worst critic. My husband laughs at how critical I am of my own photographs. I'll bet you're the same way, and your pictures are probably better than you realize.

Christina said...

Thanks, Mrs.Read!Your a good person to have around!;0Thanks for the advise.But,can't you be a little critical?

AJay said...

Haha, I'm guessing you mean critical in a helpful way. I need to see your pictures in order to critique them. Once you download them, if you invite me over, I'd love to look them over and give you some advice about how to make them better. :)

Christina said...